Hi there! Welcome to Intermittent Mechanism. This website serves two teaching-related purposes.

First, it is an online extension of my teaching portfolio. Unencumbered by page limits or the cumbersomeness of the PDF format, here you can easily peruse my teaching statement, my teaching biography (with sample syllabi), and both selections from as well as complete and unedited course evaluations. I also regularly post lesson plans (frequently accompanied by YouTube clips, diagrams, and visual presentations I have created and posted online).

Intermittent Mechanism also serves as a blog for students from my courses to post assignments on.  You can find those here.  As a strong advocate of visual-based analysis of image-based media, the blog post is one of my preferred assignment formats, and I am exceptionally proud of the work that my students have done in my classes.  Their work (which remains on this blog only with their explicit permission) provides perhaps the best demonstration of my pedagogical success.